How to Destroy the Press: Tabloid Reaction to the High Court Article 50 ruling

Quiet Quiet Bang


Reading some of the front pages today I felt physically sick. Aside from the general incoherence about the objective truth of the situation (which does not allow for the government to push Brexit through without consulting parliament, see here), I saw extraordinary levels of contempt for the independence of the judiciary. Not to mention the Daily Mail’s quickly retracted mention of the “openly gay” judge and the Sun’s lambasting of “foreign-born” Gina Miller. These remarks might be presented as facts in the case but we all know the institutional vitriol that lurks beneath.

The worst moments of 20th century history, the dictatorships, the fascism, the dark euphoria, always felt far away when I read about them at school. Suddenly it’s a little easier to envision a world where the establishment is hell bent on division and fear. Where popular anger is brought forth by…

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