Juste Pour Rire

spinning the wheels

God bless my parents, they let me watch a lot of stuff as a child I probably wasn’t supposed to. The greatest of these was what I fondly called The Brick Wall Show. To the uninitiated, or those of you who prefer to call things by the names they are actually called, The Brick Wall Show was, in fact, An Evening at the Improv. It ran on A&E from 1982-1996, during a time now referred to as the first major comedy boom. The premise was dead simple: Comics doing 5-10 minutes of material in front of an expanse of unadorned masonry—hence “The Brick Wall Show”. And I was obsessed with it.

Laughing is pleasurable, of course. It feels great to have a hearty guffaw, and children laugh more than any other subgroup of human, according to science (probably). It makes sense I would gravitate toward it. My love…

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