Rejection and the Power of the Writing Group

More from Joanna Barnard – I think I need a writing group after reading this.


Last week, I gave a proof copy of Precocious to one of my fellow Hog’s Back Writers. Having heard most of the manuscript at our twice-monthly meetings, she’s delighted that it’s going to be published and commented:

“You know, this would’ve happened without us.”

I thought about this. It’s true that by the time I brought Precocious to the HBW table, it was already reasonably polished. I’d started writing it a whole 3 years previously (or 14 YEARS, if you count the short story that was its inception. What can I say – I’m a very slow writer) and it had been through 2 drafts and many tweaks before my fellow Hogs heard it.

However, I knew instinctively that my friend was wrong, that I absolutely would not be where I am now without my writing group, and I can think of at least five reasons why. Here they are:

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