Circadian Rhythms and Life Admin: Trying to Write

Thoughts on daywalking, house entropy reversal and time dilation from award-winning novelist Joanna Barnard (hi!). If you don’t post again next week I’ll know to report you legally dead.


As part of the hangover from corporate life, and possibly as a response to the widespread New Year-induced compulsion to self-improve, I’ve set myself a few goals for 2015.

Write a second novel, of course – that’s the main one – and read at least 50 books. It’s kind of like having SMART objectives, but for fun stuff.

I’ve also decided to write something on this blog at least once a week. In the year that I’m increasingly thinking of as my ‘sabbatical’ (since one of the few things about writing on which most people seem to agree it’s that it’s virtually impossible to make a proper living from it), this blog can serve as a diary for me to look back on. It probably (hopefully!) won’t resemble the teenage diaries that I’ve kept for twenty-odd years and plundered for ‘Precocious’ – wow, it was scary re-visiting my fourteen-year-old self…

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